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We are a small cattery that does very selective breeding. Our goal is and has always been to breed healthy, defect free Burmese. We have a look that we have established that we think is the ideal for the Burmese breed.

We have been breeding animals for 45 years. We bred dogs and showed in AKC, ran a successful boarding/ grooming kennel and gained a lot of experience that we transferred to our cat breeding program. We feel that our knowledge in breeding animals enables us to breed and raise kittens that fit into every aspect of breeding, showing and kittens that will fit into any household as a beloved friend and family member.

We have bred 6 Distinguised Merit Burmese, two males and 4 females, added to that is one male and one female Tonkinese giving us a total of 8 DM's with thoughts to gain a few more.. We have shared our cats with many people through the years and made wonderful friends by doing so therefor our lines will live on in their breeding programs for many years. We wish them continued success. I am proud to know that Laki has made a contribution to the wonderful world of BURMESE.

We registered our cattery with CFF in 1973, and then moved on to TICA in 1989. We are also are registered in CCA and CFA. We now are primarily a CFA cattery and our son Robert does all the showing for us in the tri state area.

We are proud to add to our little family Richard and his wife Elaine who will be breeding Tonkinese (he remembers them well and always liked them) as well as Traditional Burmese.  Their website address is on our links page.  We have given them two adult females to start their Burmese breeding program with pictures of those girls look in the gallery.

Laki's Poppy sable female and Ch. Laki's Martita champagne female both owned by our son and his wife Richard and Elaine Kish at Ricela Cattery.

Laki's Rosie champage a young champagne female we bred to bring in some of the old healty/strong lines which we have through Barry and did not want to loose so she is out of a Canadian cat HoneyBear with great lines to add to our gene pool. Her nose is a little long but look at that beautiful coat, eye color and balance that can already be seen. We look forward to seeing what she can produce with our grand old guy Barry. She lives with Robbie.

Please contact us if you have questions. Enjoy our site and we are glad you chose to visit us.

Barbara A. and Richard F. Kish
Located in Western Pennsylvania
shipping available

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